Restore Women's Conference 2018 Update

Holy Guacamole! I can’t believe I am writing this….

If you were to tell a me a few years ago after getting nudge to start an organization for women that this is where I would be, I would have laughed. However, what I have learned the most over these last few years is that prayer is the vital foundation of everything we do; prayer pushes us humans to get out of the way and allow God to do his thing. After last year’s conference, I knew in my gut that Restore would continue in 2018. My heart was overwhelmed by how God moved that weekend, and it was beyond what I could ever pray for or dream of.

A few weeks ago, ticket registration for the conference went live, and although I was extremely excited to see how it would unfold, something felt off in my heart. I wasn’t positive on what it was exactly, but asked the Restore team and friends who attended last year to pray. In the days that followed, God revealed to me that I was failing to trust Him to provide financially for this organization. When the Restore idea was birthed, my intention for the conference cost to never hinder someone from attending. I never knew how to balance this desire with the reality that it requires money to host a conference. As many of you know, I am a CPA, and I rely heavily on the assurance that formulas, budgets and checks/balances provide for business and life. However, God has clearly spoken to me that I need to completely trust in Him and watch what He does in this area. 

So I am asking you to partner with Restore, not only for this conference, but with this ministry going forward. Every event going forward will be FREE and if you believe in the ministry (especially those of you who attended last year), I am asking for your financial support —whether a monthly or one-time donation. 

The reality is that conferences cost money, from renting a space, providing food, and paying speakers and worship leaders for their time. The cost to hold an event similar to last year’s conference is $300 per person. Of course, we could cut costs by providing less food or condensing our schedule, but the heartbeat of this conference is shared conversation and encouragement around the table as we worship, learn, and eat together. I believe this is something that sets Restore apart from other women’s events and ministries.

So what now?

1.   We continue to pray that Jesus is the center of this ministry and that we walk in obedience to what He calls us to do.

2.   Partner with Restore with a monthly or one-time donation. If you believe in what this ministry offers to women, please support any way you can. DONATE 

3.    Please share the conference and the giving opportunity with friends, family, coworkers, churches, etc. We promote on the internet and social media as much as possible, but word of mouth is a more effective way to spread our mission and may introduce our ministry to new women needing encouragement. 

4.    If you can attend our conference in 2018, please go to our website for further information and registration. 

5.   Watch this video where I share my heart about Restore, and please feel free to share it with friends.

Love all of you so much, and I am beyond excited to see what God does!

Much love,

Restore Women's Conference