Thirsty for more...

Dear Beautiful Restore Community:

Hello, from the heart of Middle Tennessee!

Your fearless leader, Jill, graciously asked me to write a smidge about my newest book - Thirsty for More, Discovering God’s Unexpected Blessings in a Desert Season. To be honest (because Restore women are nothing if not honest), sometimes I struggle with how to best articulate myself when it concerns something I’ve written, but a short conversation I had with a friend a couple of days ago sums it up to a “t”, I think:

“How do you think Thirsty for More compare to Shine?"

“I’m not sure how they compare, but I can tell you, if I had one book to write and one message to give, and never had another chance to write or speak another, Thirsty for More, would be it.”

I surprised my friend (and myself) a bit, but I meant it to the core.

Many of us know the desert well. Seven years ago, my desert season looked like a three-month bed rest on a Haverty’s leather couch in order to save the life of my child, in Jesus’ hands, that couch transformed into a spiritual desert of the first order. At first, I chafed against the desert’s severe and austere ministry.

But as I stayed with Him there, stepping with the Original Desert-Walker, I found that the desert began to reveal her unique blessings. Desert blessings like rest and revelation, solitude and strength, holy recognition and intimacy, and ultimately, renewed beauty and bounty.I am a former “desert hater,” transformed into a desert daughter. And, by His grace, I’ve endeavored to stay that way.

With Thirsty for More, I hope to reach other desert daughters—those who might welcome a map through the disorienting desert terrain. Who need the incredibly good news that Jesus uses the desert to reveal, restore, and release the heart. Who need to discover freshly that God “allures us into the desert that He might speak tenderly to us there” (Hosea 2:14).

So, that’s the heart of it, Restore Friends. I am so thankful you have taken the time to read my heart’s epistle and, perhaps, consider grabbing a copy for you or a “desert friend.”

Until the Desert Blooms,


PS: For the next week - we are able to offer some exciting bonuses for those who pre–order the book. We’ve produced a thirteen part video Bible study for the book, as well as a lovely printable. And I recently found out – we are offering the Audiobook of Thirsty for More (which I got the thrill of reading) FREE to anyone to pre-orders. My prayer is that these bonuses will be a spiritual map through the desert land. Click here to pre-order.

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