Stephanie Ackerman

Bible Journaling

Stephanie is an ordinary girl living an extraordinary life where she gets to do what she loves for a living. She is a mom of two handsome boys, a wife to a handsome husband, a neighbor, a sister, a daughter who loves being creative using paper or even with batter, fabric, dough, paint, wood.  Her purpose is to create, inspire, teach and encourage others through creative arts. God is the reason for her ART so you won’t be surprised to find a HEart in her work.  At any given moment you might find her praying, doodling, running, baking chocolate chip cookies, doing laundry, trying to match socks, doing more laundry, organizing piles, at the airport or coming home from the airport, stitching, taking a nap (which she does every day) or all of the above.  | |  @StephanieAckerman1|